Ultimate Apps for Insight into your Competitors Business

by Julie Coulthard

It is always a question on my mind, and I am sure in your minds too.

“What are my competitors doing?” and “What could I do next to out compete them”?

I have found some solutions that we will discuss in this article that will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Google Alerts

You can automate Google Alerts to email you as often as you like, and as new content gets crawled it also sends you an alert. Either daily, weekly or a monthly digest delivered as an email for you to check up on both your and competitive activity. It uses keywords like search terms as the trigger which automatically adds the update of that search term and competitor activity to your digest.

Google Alerts is also very simple to set up. All you need is a Google account. Log into your Google account and visit Google Alerts from your browser, from there simply enter the search keywords or phrases and get a live snapshot of search results. The more specific you are the more accurate your results will be, just like a Google search. Select the Show Options drop down and select sources, language, and locations of the activity you want to monitor and click Create Alert. to narrow down the results. The alert will now add every mention, news article, blog post about your competitors that Google finds and will automatically send you the results at the frequency you have selected.

Talk Walker

Every SEO Specialist will hold this APP in high regard. It does lean towards the higher end in terms of cost, but it does offer the same functionality as Google alerts, and a whole lot more. Functionality options starts with social media with a range of brand awareness and demographic insights such as gender and the mood of the audience. Business Impact Metrics provides deep insight into social data and allows you to monitor the data globally in multiple languages so you can act quickly to solve a wide range of problems. Talk Walker provides great competitor insight too providing insight that can enable you to have the upper edge on their market. This type of insight allows you to act quicker than your competition, respond with solutions and capture market share before your competitors even have the slightest idea of what just happened.

There is also a paid version offering clever AI technology that crawls and watches a range of media sources including images and video, returning all sorts of analytical data.


This is a low-cost RSS news and blog aggregator available on multiple platforms, where you can watch a range of content types across a wide range of sources such as news channels, social media channels and other content aggregators. According to the latest data from Feedly, their aggregator is connected to forty million sources across 2000 topics making it a great tool for an SEO agency. You can watch your industry leaders, all your favourite sites latest posts and many other channels all conveniently in one place.

A great way to utilize Feedly is to setup a feed called Competitors. In this feed connect your competitor websites and social media channels. This will pull out their latest blog posts and social posts. Just by using their website address and a few key words that identify with your competitor, Feedly will collect all their activity and make it available for you to read about them in one place.

Ahrefs Rank Checker

Ahrefs is one the ultimate and most comprehensive, medium cost apps available to SEO specialists. The Ahrefs Rank Checker tool makes it easy to watch your competition and their websites performance and compare that performance to your own. It allows you to watch up to five of your top competitors, track their backlinks and compare your performance against your competition.

Knowing the keywords that are driving sales to your competitors is valuable insight that can help your business to excel in these challenging times. Ahrefs will allow you to check competitor backlinks, SERP (search engine result page) visibility and (DA) domain authority where you can determine which backlinks drive visitors organically and are worth investing in.

There are many functions within Ahrefs that both SEO agencies and SEO specialists can use to maximize their competitor insight. Do not forget to set up email notifications to keep up to date with any changes in competitor performance.


BuzzSumo’s claim to fame is its ability to allow you to discover popular content by keyword or by website. There is only a limited amount of useful data available to free accounts, but their paid version is well worth its licensing fee. You can check popular content ideas from keywords, research and find the influencers who are promoting the content found by these keywords.

It is a great tool for SEO specialists to search for rich content ideas, backlink opportunities and social media trends. You can follow your own brand’s reputation and see where to improve or where you are excelling with your brand mentions. If your brand is trending then great, however if not, you will be able to see who is trending and how they are doing it. BuzzSumo allows you to keep check on your competitors and run comparisons against your own activity.

We even use it to check how Converge Marketing has been doing.

Summing it all up

It is clear once you can see what your competitors are up to with the insight into their marketing efforts and successes, you can plan to out compete them. As an SEO agency we use some of these tools to help us make both our brand and our clients brands the most popular and the most shared in a wide range of industry sectors. If you have tried any of these or have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to drop us a comment and we will gratefully connect the dots for you.

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