Detrimental Social Media Mistakes You Might Have Made

by Julie Coulthard

Social media is incredibly widespread across the globe amongst people of all ages and races. Practically everyone uses it one way or another. Whether the use is for entertainment, to advertise online for your business or connect with friends, you've likely spent hours aimlessly scrolling through your feeds.

Have you ever thought of using social media for the sole purpose of marketing for your company? It's possible you have. In fact, it's possible you're already doing it. However, there are common mistakes that companies or organisations end up making on social media in their attempt at online marketing.

Why is marketing on social media important?

Social media marketing is a fantastic tool used by salespeople and marketers alike. Businesses can use this to improve web traffic, promote their services or products and increase brand awareness. It's also an incredible way to share the mission and stories of the brand.

Storytelling that is effective and compelling will be able to create a lasting impact on the image of your brand. It will also be able to encourage the interaction of people with companies or organisations, including yours.

Using social media as a way for marketing will also be highly cost-efficient. Numerous businesses have gone on to spend absolutely nothing on digital advertising. As long as you have excellent social media content and solid audience interaction, a connected customer base will be built well. 

What are some detrimental social media mistakes you might have made?

  • Assuming every social media network is alike

Brand voice consistency matters, but that doesn't mean you should post content that's exactly the same everywhere. What could work on Instagram may not work on Twitter. Personalise the content you create in order to suit each platform. The tone and style of your message need to be fitting for the platform you're posting content on.

  • Moving forward without a marketing strategy for social media

A cornerstone for the success of any marketing plan is a good strategy, including social media marketing. Posting just to be able to do so is essentially fruitless. When you have a social media strategy in place, you'll be able to build your online presence in a powerful sense. It will also allow you to post consistently, including scheduling posts in advance.

  • Not having relevant content on social media

When your social media content is irrelevant or dull, it won't get any attention. Customised content planning and production for every platform is key. The content people want to see on each social media platform tends to differ, and you need to be able to fulfil their various expectations. Why would people share content if it's not worth sharing in the first place?


Social media is an incredibly valuable digital tool for marketing, and it's cost-effective as well as highly influential. Many businesses have turned to social media marketing as a virtual tool because it's effective and costs next to nothing. There are some common mistakes that are best avoided, such as moving forward without a social media marketing strategy, not having relevant content and assuming all social media platforms are the same. 

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