Online Advertising Trends to Try in 2021—Part 1

by Julie Coulthard

The online world is fast-paced, with new changes being made every single day. At one point, however, artificial intelligence and search engine optimization were mere ideal concepts, which most experts deemed then as much too ambitious, sometimes ludicrous. In the year 2021, however, these trends are now deemed as powerful and innovative, not to mention a necessity among brands all over the world. 

Such new technologies are necessary to remain competitive, especially considering the ever-changing landscape. Technology moves fast and consumer demands shift and become even more difficult to understand. 

Your best hope to remain afloat would be to invest in the latest and updated online advertising trends, especially if you wish to continue your current path to success. To help aid in helping you come up with a new blueprint, we’ve created this mini-series for you. 

Without further ado, part one of all the online advertising trends you need to know:

Trend #1: Prioritising the Gen Z audiences 

Most advertisers have been set on targeting a specific audience for years, which are the millennials. Content and advertising campaigns appeal to their needs and desires, but the recent rise of TikTok and other trends mean a new generation of consumers—Gen Z. these customers fall between the ages of 7 and 24, who are slowly dominating the online world with their viral content and other conscious decision-making processes. 

When it comes to appeasing this generation, crafting mobile-friendly campaigns is essential. You’ll want to make sure that every content works on mobile devices, as this where they’ll likely come across your visual posts and videos. You’ll also want to be aware of social and ethical issues, particularly when it comes to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. 

Trend #2: Agility is the key to your success 

The onslaught of the pandemic has accelerated the online world, forcing advertisers to adapt to the new normal. Countless brands all over the world have been forced to go along with the curve, and the rise of new forms of content began to spring after mere months. Most of these campaigns focus on the company’s humanity, giving out brand messages that pertain to a single fact—we’re all in this together.

Although far from over, COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of agility, particularly in light of uncertainty. Brands are expected to adapt accordingly, as well as flexible when it comes to changes. 

Trend #3: Better and deeper personalisation tactics 

Consumers today now focus more on better and more relevant content. Anything that doesn’t resonate with them is ignored completely, which is why it’s important to tailor your advertising campaigns accordingly. You’ll want your visuals to mean something to them, as even the most expensive advertising campaign in the world can lead to a failure when ignored by the audiences. 

You’ll want to invest in messages that resonate with specific users, which can be based on their locations, demographics, and buying behaviours. All these can come from data gathering and heavy research, and then finding your way from there. 

Making Your Online Advertising Campaigns Worth It 

When it comes to the landscape of online advertising, the future holds unlimited potential. It can be certainly exciting, especially since the market is now more open to the bold and interesting. As you map out your next online advertising strategies, remember the trends above—and make sure to watch out for part 2!

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