Online Advertising Trends to Try in 2021 - Part 2

by Julie Coulthard

The pandemic may have changed the world in unprecedented ways, but as previously discussed in part one, it’s not all doom and gloom in the online advertising world. In light of all that’s happened so far, many organizations have realized just how much the landscape is changing, meaning that countless doors of opportunity are opening up. 

The year 2021 has paved the way for various advertising strategies, all of which help clients and agencies alike gain valuable benefits. Although these trends are far from being novel, they now evolve into something bigger and better, all of which warrant your attention.

That said, here is part two of online advertising trends to try this year:

Trend #4: Automated online advertising 

In an age of everything digital, advertisers are expected to be anywhere and everywhere, with the ability to track their customers and success rates. For this reason, automated technology is a must-have. Such tools enable employees to gain better insight into what drives the audience into engaging with brands. 

Email marketing, for instance, is now supported by automation through various tools and platforms. Advertisers can now track the recipient’s behavior, and then send out messages based on the data gathered. Social media platforms now also boast of various targeting techniques, all of which help companies understand their audience better.

Trend #5: Better and bolder video content 

When it comes to online advertising success, video has taken on a vital role in the sales funnel process. It can be done with multiple hats, anywhere from urging customers to discover more of the brand, or perhaps compelling them to trust and invest. It’s used by companies around the world, used in various ways. 

TikTok is a popular platform, for instance, as with the giant video generator, YouTube. Videos on these platforms continue to dominate the advertising world, particularly due to their ability to tell a story, grab focus, and create new connections. However, it’s also important to remember that video is an incredibly powerful tool and one that needs time. When it comes to video content creation, make sure to incorporate the following elements:

  • Engaging narratives
  • Platform and audience suitability
  • Detailed information about the products and services
  • Compelling sound elements
  • Smart text and font choices 
  • Tangible CTA or calls to action
  • Fun and creativity 

Creativity Preparation—The Key to Online Advertising Success in 2021

While it’s true that the year 2020 has caught various online advertisers off guard, the unpredictable nature of the times has allowed advertisers and clients alike to sit back and think about what truly needs to be done. 

Audience connection has always been a vital part of the strategy, but the previous year has highlighted just how important it actually is. With closures and quarantine restrictions still in place, people still turn to the online world to gain a semblance of normalcy. 

As a result, human-centric approaches have worked best, with various brands finding success in their narratives, innovation, personalisation, and above all, solid help from innovative tools. As we reach further into 2021, the trends listed above and previously are likely to only develop. And only purpose-driven brands are expected to succeed. Which one will you be?
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