Meeting Your Customers Halfway

by Julie Coulthard

Most advertising strategies have a presentative approach in connecting with an audience. Mass publishing of ad materials on strategic physical and digital spaces accounts for the best way to meet the right niche. However, these marketing campaigns are more for brand developments than actual engagement with followers and prospective customers. This is where email marketing comes in.

There have been more innovative ways to interact with an online audience due to technological advancements in hardware and software. This allows brands to engage with their target market in a variety of ways. Social media marketing, influencer marketing, and even live engagements are possible through different platforms and online networks. Nevertheless, all these flashy methods will ultimately circle back to email marketing.

Understanding email marketing’s core method

Email marketing is a traditional form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail to improve your brand’s relationship with your target audience. Although it affects one-time purchases and transactions, its true goal is to improve and retain customer loyalty.

All email marketing campaigns need a comprehensive mailing list where a brand can segment customers into different brackets. This allows you to create the right strategy when curating the right content they want to see. Their divisions can depend on their online behavior, buying habits, consumer profile, and other previous interactions with your service. Thanks to automation, email marketing campaigns are the most affordable and organic way to invest in high Return on Investment (ROI) without paying additional fees and hosting costs.

Analysing crucial metrics for email marketing

Like other digital marketing campaigns, email marketing utilises different metrics to quantify its performance and success. These are necessary for measuring your campaign’s success and identifying strong and weak points in your approach.

The first metric you should encounter is the Open Rate, which dictates the number of people who open your people in relation to the number of total emails sent. Further down your sales funnel is the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) which details the number of people who click on your embedded links within the email you sent.

Once they’re on your landing page, the Conversion Rate reflects people who opt-in to your service or product offers. In contrast, your Bounce Rates enumerate the ratio of people who do not interact with your email’s contents.

Accessibility achieved with email marketing

Designing a well-crafted email marketing strategy can give you a considerable ROI when looking at the affordability of its methods and operation. Since you can use free tools like Google Analytics and email management software, you can comfortably track your email campaign’s progress with ease. These automated email management apps can disseminate your emails to the right customer brackets, allowing you to curate messages that match your customers’ wants and preferences.

After sending your email, you can then monitor and assess your website’s engagement by registering your website in Google Analytics. This allows you to oversee the performance of your campaign in meeting your goals and objectives.


Some business owners get too excited about the numerous strategies they can use to engage with an online audience. However, sometimes the simplest ways are best in retaining a loyal customer base. Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing technique that allows your brand to grow by developing long-term rapport with your customers.
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